April 29, 2006

Free Books

For someone like me, those words are music to the ears.

One of my favorite online bookstores is finishing up a terrific "Dollar For Dollar" sale this weekend. If you buy at least $25 worth of books, you can then select free books from a list of thousands that equal the dollar amount you're spending.

The really great thing is that the store is a bargain book seller to begin with (remainders and such) so you're already getting great deals on the books you pay for. The free books are icing on the cake.

I just submitted my order. First I selected ten books that totaled about $41. I then got to choose free books to match that value. I found 8 titles. My order total with shipping was $51 and change - for a grand total of 18 books to add to my collection. That's less than $3 a book!

Today is a good day ;-)

The sale ends April 30. Go snag some free books for yourself while there's still time:

Dollar 4 Dollar Promotion

April 21, 2006

Friday Feast

Here's what's on the menu this week:

List 3 things you keep putting off.
- writing my novel
- writing my second novel
- writing my third novel

What do you feel is your greatest responsibility?
Raising my children to be good people.

If you could have starred in any movie, which one would you have wanted to be in and why?
I think it would have been fun to play Scarlet O'Hara in Gone With the Wind.

Main Course
What is an expectation you had as a child about being an adult and, now that you are grown up, you realize you were wrong?
I had all these unrealistic expectations about how successful and famous I'd be by age 25. Now, nearly a decade past that benchmark, I continue to struggle with the mundane demands of everyday life that can keep people from pursuing creative dreams.

When was the last time you had your car serviced?
My husband handles all things auto around here.

April 18, 2006

The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio

I finally sat down and watched this terrific film last night.

I bought it, sight unseen, as soon as it was available on DVD because I loved the book so much and had read good reviews of the movie. It did not disappoint.

Julianne Moore stars as Evelyn Ryan, Contester Extraordinaire, who used her talent with words to win the kinds of slogan writing contests that used to be prevalent in the 1950s and 60s. With a husband (played by Woody Harrelson) who spent a disproportionate amount of the family's income on alcohol, this talent literally kept her ten children clothed, fed and sheltered for two decades.

The memoir, written by Evelyn's daughter Terry (nicknamed Tuff), is one of the most delightful books I've ever read, and I think they did an excellent job with the movie. I highly recommend both!


For more information about the book, the movie and the real Ryan family, check out this website.

April 17, 2006

Keeping Track of What I've Read

If you've scrolled through this page you may have noticed that I keep the book(s) I'm currently reading posted below in the right-hand column. Today I decided to create a thread for recording books that have been featured there in the past. This way, I'll have my own log of what I've read since I started Blogging, and others who are looking for their next book to read might find something they like there.

Here's the link for the What I've Been Reading thread.


April 14, 2006

Friday Feast - Third Helping

Is it Friday already? Here's another course of the weekly Feast:

What movie soundtracks do you own?
Three soundtracks from my collection that come readily to mind are:

  • Batman
    The music is by Prince!

  • Chicago
    I've been listening to this one a lot recently.

  • Sliding Doors
    Great movie, with a lot of fun songs.

How much cash do you usually carry with you?
Very little. Between my debit card and my MyPoints card, which I use to earn Barnes & Noble gift cards, I hardly ever touch actual money any more.

Are you more comfortable around men or women? Why?
Women. Because I am one, I guess.

Main Course
What is the most mischievous thing you remember doing as a child?
When I was a sophomore in high school I once skipped out of school to go pick up McDonald's for lunch. I went with two senior guys, one of whom I had a crush on. I suggested that we stick to the drive-through (lower profile) and return quickly, but the genius who was in charge of the operation wanted to go inside to order. When we came back out to the car, we were greeted by the assistant principal of our school, who was parked right next to us. Busted!

Who is the funniest member of your family?
My brothers are both very funny guys, in different ways. One is quirky and always doing strange things for a laugh and the other is witty and funny in a more subtle way. The latter should be writing for a sitcom, and the former should be starring in it ;-)

April 10, 2006

Mad About Nick At Nite

One of my favorite sitcoms is returning to television tonight. Beginning at 10:00 p.m. Eastern time, Nick At Nite will be airing a Mad About You marathon that will continue every night this week.

I'm not sure what time slot the show will have after the marathon ends, but I'll find it. I often have Nick At Nite on in the background while I'm on the computer late into the night.

This is going to be great!

April 07, 2006

Friday's Feast

It's time for another serving of Friday's Feast:

Name a trait you share with your parents or your children.
I come from a family of readers. We all love books :-)

List 3 qualities of a good leader, in your opinion.
- Intelligence
- Diplomacy
- Flexibility

Who is your favorite television chef?
I don't regularly watch many cooking programs, but if I had to choose I guess I'd go with that Naked Chef guy. (I think his name is Jamie Oliver.)

Main Course
Share a story about a gift you received from someone you love.
I have a small Precious Moments figurine collection. The individual pieces carry sentimental meaning for me based on the occasion they commemorate and/or the person who gave me the piece. Most of the collection was packed away for a while because I had no place to safely display it. One Christmas, my husband surprised me with a gorgeous corner curio cabinet. It was something that I'd always wanted. Now my figurines are out where I can enjoy them everyday.

How do you react under pressure?
It depends on the pressure. The pressure of a deadline, for example, can sometimes kick my procrastinating butt into gear - and then I am often able to pull off whatever project I was avoiding with good results!

April 04, 2006

What I Was Reading

I finished reading Cell yesterday. It's a compelling zombie tale in which a large portion of the world's population is simultaneously driven insane by a mysterious pulse transmitted through cell phones.

It had been over a year since I last sank my teeth into a Stephen King novel, and this did not disappoint. The book delivered good old fashioned can't-put-it-down story telling that King's fans like and expect.

I'm glad I picked this up!

April 01, 2006

Daylight Saving Time

If you live where the phenomenon known as Daylight Saving Time is observed, remember to set your clocks ahead one hour tonight.

I like this little trick in the Fall, when we "gain" an hour, but "losing" an hour is not as much fun. I need more time in my life, not less.

Oh well. C’est la vie.