April 29, 2006

Free Books

For someone like me, those words are music to the ears.

One of my favorite online bookstores is finishing up a terrific "Dollar For Dollar" sale this weekend. If you buy at least $25 worth of books, you can then select free books from a list of thousands that equal the dollar amount you're spending.

The really great thing is that the store is a bargain book seller to begin with (remainders and such) so you're already getting great deals on the books you pay for. The free books are icing on the cake.

I just submitted my order. First I selected ten books that totaled about $41. I then got to choose free books to match that value. I found 8 titles. My order total with shipping was $51 and change - for a grand total of 18 books to add to my collection. That's less than $3 a book!

Today is a good day ;-)

The sale ends April 30. Go snag some free books for yourself while there's still time:

Dollar 4 Dollar Promotion


Tina said...

Sweet! Happy reading!

Mimi said...

Sigh. I read this May 1.

However, enjoy your new books!