June 16, 2006

Save the Internet!

The Internet has changed my life, and I mean that literally. So whenever our corporate owned Congress starts trying to ruin it - with censorship, taxes, or discriminatory access practices - I take it kind of personally.

The Net Neutrality debate has had my stomach in a knot for a while now. Last week, the House of Representatives capitulated to telephone companies and passed legislation without important neutrality language. This may well mean that the fate of the Internet as we know it rests solely in the hands of the Senate.

There is still time to get involved. Visit Save the Internet, Blog about what's at stake, and tell your Senators about the importance of Net Neutrality.


Sites for further information:

  • Center for Digital Democracy - Save the Net
  • House vote threatens Internet users’ right to equal access (ALA)
  • Network Neutrality Under Challenge
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