August 06, 2008

It's Here! It's here!

My candle business starter kit arrived yesterday. I opened it right away, of course, and drank in the smells of several of the samples near the top of the box but didn't have a chance to sit down and really experience all 100+ samples provided.

Until tonight.

My sister came over and she and I had our own little mini party paging through the catalog and locating each scent in the kit. They. Were. Awesome!

I have always loved vanilla scented things and there were plenty of those to please my palate. I was very impressed. But what surprised me was just how good the scents that I am not usually a fan of (florals and "clean linen" types of things) were. There were a couple of the 1/2 dozen or so smells in the linen line that were exceptionally pleasant.

The fruits and other summery smells were heavenly and the baking scents were divine. We even got to sample a few things that hint at what is to come in the Fall and Winter catalogs, such as warm, spicy things like "Autumn Walk" and deep, invigorating Evergreen combinations.

Of course, we had a delicious smelling candle with blends of melon, strawberry, banana, jasmine and vanilla burning for most of the evening. I can still smell hints of it now and it's been extinguished for about an hour.

This business is going to be a blast!


Elizabeth said...

That sounds awesome! i *love* candles and I think I'd be like a kid on Christmas getting to smell all those!

Chris said...

That is exactly how I would describe it!

I'd never seen candles demonstrated this way. They can't send you full-sized candles for every scent - the kit would weigh a ton and cost a fortune - so what they do is send these little tiny jars (they look like lip glosses) with the scented wax inside so you can smell all the scents that are offered. It's really cool!

Let me know if you have any "candle needs" I can help you meet :-)

. said...

Mmmmm, I love the smell of candles. I go through them all before I find one or two I love.
I swear lighting a candle makes things all better.

Shelley said...

are you selling locally, or on etsy or what? I love candles!

Chris said...

I sell locally and online. You can view the entire product line at my website:

To get to the catalog, click on the Candles box on the right (it says "shop now" in the corner). That will take you to descriptions of all the products. You can also view an entire catalog (currently the Summer edition) as a PDF by clicking on the "Shop By Catalog" link you'll find on that page.

The Fall catalog, which includes the new holiday items, just came out this weekend. I went through it page by page this afternoon and was practically salivating! I can't wait for my next batch of samples to arrive so I can actually smell them . . .

Many of the new autumn and winter products are already featured on the website (candy corn candle, holiday gift sets, etc.) and can be ordered right away. You can also find a link to the PDF version of the entire Fall catalog if you click on the "Opportunity" tab in the top menu.

If you see something you like, you can order right from my site. Let me know if you have any questions about anything - my email and phone number are on the site.

THANKS for asking about our candles!