October 03, 2008

Goodbye, DVDspot

A few days ago I visited DVDspot, one of my favorite websites, to add a listing and rating for my recent viewing of the Sex and the City movie. To my dismay, I was greeted with a notice that the site will be closing on October 15th. The site creators want to focus on other projects. I can't blame them at all, they put together this incredible database driven application and then offered it to the online community for free. If their "other projects" have the potential to earn them a little money or will be a more practical use of their personal time, then more power to them. But their innovative site for cataloging a personal DVD collection and tracking movies that are owned, rented and watched will be missed.

Fortunately, they're offering a way to extract stored data in a spreadsheet format so viewing records and personal collection lists will not be completely lost. I've already retrieved my data and now I am looking for a comparable online site that will allow me to continue to track my movie watching and catalog my DVD library.

Here are three sites I've located so far:

  • Chasing the Frog

  • I Heart Movies

  • Movie Collector Plus

    I will be taking a closer look at these sites over the next few days and plan to join one soon so I can get my collection back online and continue where I left off tracking my movie viewing for 2008.

    If anyone has any opinions on any of these sites, or knows of any options I haven't listed here, please comment and share what you use!

    To Think is to Create said...

    I haven't used any of them, but will check them out! Thanks!

    Anonymous said...

    It took me a few days to get over DVDSpot going away before I could bring myself to trying out some alternatives. Thanks for your suggestions. I went down the list trying them out. I ended up liking Movie Collector Plus the best. It didn't take long to carry over my collection.

    Anonymous said...

    I'm now using Movie Collector Plus to catalog and share my DVD & Blu-ray movies.

    Paul said...

    You could also use veedemus - it's like the ones mentioned above, except I find it much easier to use. And I also really like their tagging-feature.