August 28, 2006

Netflix to the Max

Yesterday I did something I've never done before. In fact, I didn't even know it could be done. I maxed out my Netflix queue!

After reading yet another rave review of the HBO series The Wire - this one written by the King of pop culture himself - I decided it was time to look into renting the first season. I went to Netflix, did my title search, found the first season and attempted to add all 5 discs to my list. Imagine my surprise when a red pop-up box informed me that in order to add this series to my queue I would have to delete some other titles from my 450 item long list.

Since I have several multi-disc television series in my queue, it was easy to select titles for the chopping block. I simply kept the first disc for of each of my television choices in the list and deleted all the subsequent discs. I figure I can always go back and add them individually when I am ready to watch them.

So, no big deal, I guess. But I still think it was a tad rude for Netflix to suggest that I am interested in watching too many things ;-)


Mimi said...

You rock, who knew you could max out the queue?

LeeAnne said...

**snort** You crack me up! I think I have fewer than 100 titles on my list. I am also a HUGE money maker for Netflix because we end up watching only about 2 movies a month. Oy.