January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

I've been meaning to get back to this Blog for a while now and the beginning of a brand new year seems like the perfect time to start. So let's kick things off with some chat about resolutions. The topic is a bit cliche for an early January post, but this is how I'm going to kick start my renewed and more prolific Blogging adventure.

Here are some of the things I'm going to work on in 2008:

  • Reading More
    I have a LOT of books and I love to read, but sadly, I don't always find the time to do as much of it as I'd like. Last year I had the idea that I would try to read 50 books in a year. That didn't quite work, so this year I'm relieving some of that pressure by just committing to reading at least a little bit every single day. Some days it may be only a page, others it will be entire chapters, I hope. But no matter what, reading will be happening.

  • Writing Every Day
    This is going to be the year that I seriously begin pursuing the life I am meant to be living. I know in my heart that that life centers around writing. 2008 will see the beginning of a new lifestyle for me, one in which I begin to make a living doing what I truly love. In order to accomplish this, I need to develop some good habits, hone my skills and carve time out of my already ridiculous schedule to make my dreams come true. I'll start with writing something - anything - each and every day.

  • Organizing My Entire Life
    This may seem overly ambitious, but that's why I am giving myself the entire year to complete it. I want to live in a completely organized and efficient house, where everything is dust free, neatly stored or aesthetically displayed. I am starting this one tomorrow, and I'm tackling my Study first since it is currently a mass of empty post-holiday boxes, discarded wrappings and piles of 2007's junk mail. I also want to be more organized online, and I am in already in the process of streamlining my files and folders and transferring my massive list of Favorites to the wonderfully fun, useful and addicting Del.icio.us site.

  • Revisiting My Scrapbooking Hobby
    I can't recall finishing a single layout in 2007, and that is just inexcusable. Even before I discovered the incredibly satisfying hobby of scrapbooking I always loved taking pictures and putting together photo albums. Now I have, in a corner of my Study that I can almost see over the tower of boxes and trash, a huge stash of largely untouched scrapbook supplies and tons of great pictures that no one ever sees. This year a lot of those materials will be transformed into finished pages, layouts and albums.

    Related to this resolution is the development (pun intended, I think) of my photography skills. I stumbled upon Project365 today and was fascinated by the idea. Taking a photograph a day is a simple but brilliant idea and I'm looking froward to seeing what comes of this a year from now.

  • Learning Spanish
    Despite three years of high school German and four semesters of French in college, I can only speak English. I think becoming conversant in at least one language other than your native tongue is a noble pursuit, and this year I have decided to give Spanish a try. I've found several promising online sources to make use of, including an interesting podcast course called Coffee Break Spanish.

  • Losing Weight
    When I originally made this resolution I had a number of pounds in mind to lose and ideas about which diet plan I might want to start this time, but I have since decided to try this Secret style and just "put it out to the universe" that I will gradually, naturally and effortlessly be losing weight this year. Seriously. After struggling with thyroid issues and failing at "dieting", I have decided to stop counting calories, stop worrying about food, start falling back in love with my body - whatever it looks like - and just see if thinking less about food issues might actually make weight loss happen a little more. Even if it doesn't work, I plan to be a lot less stressed about the whole thing, which may work to my metabolic advantage as well.

    So, there you have it - my outline for a fun, more productive and less stressful year. ¡Deséeme la suerte!

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    Mimi said...

    Whohooooo! Yay! Great resolutions!