January 28, 2008

Chiller TV

Last month I was surfing my way through del.icio.us and discovered the website for the Chiller television network. I was intrigued by the schedule which included old episodes of Night Gallery and airings of old (sometimes cheesy, but still fun) horror flicks. I tagged the site immediately, lamenting the fact that there existed yet another really cool network (like the Independent Film Channel) that my local cable provider did not provide.

Today the cable was out for a little while they upgraded the system. I'd known that when it returned the line-up would be renumbered for some channels, but I didn't know that a handful of new channels were going to be added, as well. Imagine my delight to find Chiller TV among them!

I've been watching it on and off pretty much all day. I started with some Night Gallery, a show I am familiar with but haven't seen in years; I caught some Tales from the Crypt; and I was introduced to Tales from the Darkside and Night Visions, two old series that I'd never seen before.

This is going to be so much fun . . .

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Mimi said...

I'll have to tell Ced about this, cool!